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At Jas Texture Styles, our expert texture educator will assess your personal curl patterns, provide you with pampering treatments, and educate you on how to manage your hair styling at home for a gorgeous everyday look.

Are you looking for the ultimate curly hair styling session?

Step One - Consultation

Our texture educator will sit down with you for an in-depth consultation, discussing your goals for your hair as well as your pain points and struggles in managing your curls. Guests should arrive with hair clean, dry, with only light product. We encourage our guests to bring in inspiration pictures. We will ask about your everyday hair care routine including products and styling and your general confidence level in performing your hair routine. Before your service begins, we will thoroughly discuss what we’ll be doing for your hair so you’re informed every step of the way.

Step Two - Haircut

After your consultation, we’ll dry-cut your hair. Because everyone has more than one natural curl pattern in their hair, your cut will be completely customized. A dry cut allows us to cut your hair the way it naturally falls, accounting for how your hair may shrink as it dries.

Step Three - Cleanse, Hydrate & Treat

After your haircut, your stylist will walk you through the cleansing process, allowing you to watch as she works through a mirror. She will show you how to shampoo, condition and detangle, what products to use and how much, and answer any questions you may have about the process. Each curl experience guest will receive one of our Hair Spa Treatments with their service: Hydration, Strengthening, or Protein. Your Stylist will decide which treatment best suits your hair.

Step Four - Styling & Drying

Once again, your stylist will discuss what products they recommend for your curl pattern, as well as how to apply them. We’ll employ the best drying technique for your hair. As we walk you through drying techniques, we’ll offer tips and tricks, and answer your questions, taking the time to ensure you feel comfortable repeating the process at home.

Step Five - Final Check

When your hair has dried, your stylist will fully assess your hair, shaping up any curls that may not have taken shape as expected. At this time, you’ll have an opportunity to ask any final questions, mentioning anything you’d like more help with. Many clients will actually take notes throughout all steps of the Jas Curl Experience. In the end, it is our goal to educate you fully on how to completely cleanse, condition, apply product, dry and style your hair to achieve your optimum result.

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curl services

Jas Texture Styles offers a full range of hair services for guests with wavy, curly and coily hair in addition to the full Jas Curl Experience.

Guests looking for an extra pop to their curls can add Color Services to their booking.

For new or returning clients who are in between cuts but want education on how to best manage and style their curls.

Curl Wash & Go Plus Education

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For returning clients with a special occasion or just looking for a mid-week pick-
me-up, let our expert stylist make your curls look and feel their absolute best.

Curl Wash & Go

For curly clients who stay on top of their look, this maintenance cut is done dry to regain your desired shape. Clients should arrive with their hair detangled, loose and down, with only light product. Depending on the density of
your hair, this cut takes approximately 30 minutes and does not include any
shampoo or conditioning. This cut is for returning clients only.


Following the full Jas Curl Experience, this hands-on experience for adults and children gives the opportunity to learn how to best manage and style your curl pattern.  Parents are invited to participate hands-on for part of the experience, ensuring they understand how to help cleanse, detangle and style the curls. We encourage you to ask questions and take notes as our stylist makes product and styling recommendations. 

hands on curl experience 

For children aged 6 to 12, the Jas Kids Curl Experience offers children the full Jas Curl Experience education on cleansing, drying, styling and maintaining their own desired curly style. Parents and children are encouraged to ask questions and take notes as our stylist makes product and styling recommendations. This service is for new or returning guests.

Jas Kids Curl Experience

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